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Farty gurl is just your average every day chick.  
FartyGurl.com chronicles the daily "gassy"
exploits of your average every day female.  This
 site started off with Ms Fartsy then amazing Fiona Applez!
 Then "Freeky Jessica" Bri Bailey then there was an amazing
offering of videos from GODDESS VICTORIA!
Brapp Gurl and most recently RAD GURL!

We are celebrating 15 years in business
and we are now offering custom videos!
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THIS IS SO FUCKING AMAZING!!! Watch Santana Redd fart for nearly 2 MINUTES STRAIGHT as she attempts to sing a song for you with her ass!  you will NOT BELEIVE the sounds coming outta that booty and how LONG these farts are!!

by farting on several different pillows while sitting on them just so she could see how LOW she could make her TUBA FARTS sound!  these sound FUCKING HOT!! after blowing her TROMBONE she reminds you that she is the "queen of farts and no one can fuck with her"

As Fennixx lays there and pushes out a LONG DRAWN OUT BUURRRUUUUUMMMPPPHHHH! She tells you that she "wishes you were back there" and that they "have that smell that you really love"  then she pushes out another long one....BUURRRUUUUUMMMPPPHHHH! with that big round ass sticking up in the background!

Once Again!  Watch Fennixx fart for nearly 2 MINUTES STRAIGHT as she attempts to sing a song for you with her ass!  you will NOT BELEIVE the sounds coming outta that booty and how LONG these farts are!!

in this CUSTOM FANTASY your hot roommate Santana Redd has a special surprise for you!  she is going to fart in your face all day for FREE!  you have helped her so much to get back on her feet she wants to reward you with stinky face farts... she tells you....

"hey stay right there, now get on your knees... I have a surprise for you! I really appreciate you letting me stay with you... you really helped me out this year... so these farts are free... just me saying thank you!" after every long DEEP TUBA FART she tells you... "yes baby, inhale it... it's ok.. I know you dream about this... sniff it slow... enjoy it... I ate some fish so they are extra stinky for you today"

THESE FARTS ARE SO SEXY SOUNDING! BUBBLY WATERY BLUBBERY! AND EXTRA WET!  and she brings that round booty in jeans right over to YOUR FACE after every blast so you can sniff her STINKY CABBAGE FART!

You are laying with your cute girlfriend just talking to her when a BRUMMMPH fart slips out!  she apologizes and tells you to go on with your story.  PAARRRRPPPP! there goes another one!  she tells you that she is "sorry" and that she has been "holding them in all day" as she proceeds to FART FART FART through out your entire conversation... BURRRRRRNT!

FUCK this video is hot!  with your nose nestled right between her MEATY CHEEKS Fennixx is calling your her PERFECT FART BOY and BEGGING you to INHALE her LONG BLUBBERY FARTS from her BARE ASS!!

Don't you wish it was you laying there while Fennixx ripped HALL OF FAME level farts on your mouth and nose?!?!  she GRINDS your nose between her thicc meaty butt cheeks and rips fart after fart after RUMBLY AND WET fart all over your pitiful face!  first in SEXY LEGGINGS and then naked!

in her NEW LATEX PANTS Fennixx tells you at the beginning of this video...  "no girl on the planet can fart like this, I am the queen!  now get down her and smell this!" BRUUUUUMMMMMPPPPPHHHHH!  SO MANY spectacular farts in this one as the fart air STRUGGLES TO GET OUT OF THOSE LATEX PANTS!  her farts are making very interesting and WEIRD sexy sounds!!


I told Fennixx to PROVE that she was the GREATEST FARTER IN GIRL FART HISTORY by making a compilation of ONLY HER BEST FARTS IN TIGHT LEGGINGS for an entire week!  well... THIS FUCKING COMP does prove that she is the UNDISPUTED BEST FARTER IN THE WORLD! so fucking long and bubbly.. you WON'T BELIEVE THIS!

in this CUSTOM FANTASY Fennixx warns you she had bad gas tonight and that you should leave the house.. she tells you "I got bad gas tonight baby, you should make plans with your friends tonight"  then she also tells you "I just want to lay here and fart my fucking soul out!  and get rid of this gas" and she wants you to leave for the night!  MAN!  these farts are so LOUD and POWEFUL you can actually see the LATEX PANTS VIBRATING with every powerful fart she rips..  SEE THE PREVIEW PIC!!!

These DEEP LOW TONED BRUMMPPPHS will make you so horny! and her SEXY FACIAL EXPRESSIONS! these farts were so POWERFUL AND DEEP SOUNDING!!!!

In this custom clip you are sitting talking to Fennixx casually as she FARTS HER ASS OFF in her new latex pants!  her facial expressions!!! the EXTRA BUBBLY fart sounds!  this clip is fucking HOT!!!


in this CUSTOM FANTASY your roommate Fennixx does not mind letting you sniff her farts every now and then.. today they are EXTRA STINKY because she had BROCCULI for lunch!  after every long MUFFLED BRRRUUUUUMMMMPPPPHHHH! She walks her ass over to you and sticks her ROUND BUTT in your face so you can get a whiff of her SMELLY VEGGIE FART!

in this CUSTOM FANTASY your roommate Fennixx does not mind letting you sniff her farts every now and then.. today they are EXTRA STINKY because she had EGG SALAD for lunch!  after every long MUFFLED BRRRUUUUUMMMMPPPPHHHH! She walks over to you and sticks her ROUND BUTT in your face so you can get a whiff of her SMELLY EGGY FART! THIS IS PART 2!

in this CUSTOM FANTASY Fennixx is your hot roommate.  Fennixx is kind of a bitch and you guys don't always get along.  However she farts a lot and that turns you on.  Today she is farting a BUNCH and they stink!  You can hear them and smell them from the other room.  so you come in to have a sniff.. she is a bit ANNOYED with this so she rips a bunch of farts for you so you can sniff them quickly and leave her the fuck alone!  she farts for you ... but she is a bit annoyed while doing it!

Watch that big round beautiful ass spray FART FETISH FAIRY DUST all around the room!  her farts are so fucking POWERFUL that she filled the whole room up with POWDER IN THE AIR!!!


It is your "first date" with some new girl you met on a dating app.  she is hot but STRANGE!  she agreed to go out with you but she wants to FART and BURP in your face all night long!  Strange request.. but she is so hot you decided to go through with it!  this custom idea is HOT HOT HOT!

these NEW LEGGINGS sure do make Fennixx's farts sound STRANGE! on top of that these LONG QUIRKY SOUNDING FARTS smell just like ROTTEN CABBAGE!  EWWWW!

In this AMAZING fart compilation there was virtually no farts under 10 seconds and the LONGEST fart was in the 30 SECOND range! and they were all TROMBONE CITY aka VERY DEEP and TUBA sounding!!

In this custom fantasy SANTANA IS FARTING RIGHT ON YOUR NOSE as you lay on the floor and the farts are LONG, DEEP AND VERY SMELLY!  imagine laying on the floor while she plays the TUBA on your nose!!

Farting in the 30 SECOND RANGE is pretty easy for Santana to do and in this clip she had a few in that range!  they sounded very TROMBONE like and they all ended VERY WET with a LOUD SHART SOUND!!


Mufasa is my HOT girlfriend and I love just laying in the bed with her and talking and hanging out as she repeatedly rips DEEP LONG BURPS that really stink in my face then turns around and rips LONG BUBBLY FARTS in my face over and over again!  THIS IS PART 2!

Dakota is in a crowded grocery store and there are people all around her.. but she has to fart and she does not care who hears her LOUD BUBBLY RIPS!   another PUBLIC FARTING crisis!!

Mufasa and Dakota are at it again!  Farting in Public and not caring who sees them!  a man even caught them farting in THE MENS ROOM!  it's going to be a HOT GIRL SUMMER!!!

In this SMOKING HOT clip Dakota got to do something we ALL dream about every day!  She got to sniff a beautiful exotic girls stinky fart up close and personal!!!  this is fucking AMAZING!

PART 2!! 

Have you seen the TIK TOK "TOUCH IT CHALLENGE".. if not google it.  Well hot chicks with BIG ASSES do this sexy dance and FENNIXX is adding in FARTING LIKE A CRAZED WOMAN ripping HUGE GASSY, BASSY farts!  and when she SHAKES HER ASS those DEEP FARTS make COOL BUBBLY fucking sounds!

Some of the sexiest sounding most RUMBLY JEAN FARTS you will ever hear in only the sexiest poses!  just for your nose!  She says they smell like ROTTEN EGGS!  so get your nostrils ready!!!

SEXY FENNIX takes on the "she make it clap" Soulja Boy challenge!  If you don't know then google it!  FENNIX is such a good farter!  these farts are LONG like they go on for days and days!  this might just be the VIDEO OF THE FUCKING CENTURY! shout out to BIG DRAKO!!!


My great customer wanted a custom video from Dakota.  He wanted her to FART BUBBLY LONG FARTS in his mouth over and over again in tight leggings!  He wanted her to say a lot in the video "I am going to fart in your mouth now, please open wide, oh oh, here comes another one"  Dakota did great and her farts were VERY LONG and VERY BUBBLY!  check out this MASTERPIECE!

Have you ever seen a hot chick rip LONG BUBBLY FARTS while performing the TIK TOK BIG BANK CHALLENGE!???  if you don't know what it is..  google it.  if you do you will be very horny after watching the sexy DEBBIE DISTURRBED do the FART FETISH VERSION of the famous tik tok  BIG BANK CHALLENGE! all of these farts were LONG AND RUMBLY!


Penelope has been seeing me for a while behind her boyfriend's back mainly because her bf is very controlling and just an overall asshole toward her, whereas I am an outgoing and noble man. However, most importantly, I have a large dick which makes her horny as fuck, and I enjoy her big smelly ass and her bassy gas, something that her boyfriend never appreciated which makes it something else that Penelope especially hates about him. When I come around to see her this time though, she managed to tie her boyfriend up, and plans to cuck him by having him eat her big smelly ass while she sucks my dick, and then having him watch us have amazing fart sex together. I enter Penelope’s house to find her bare ass naked in the living room with her boyfriend tied next to her. (The first scene starts here) I enter the living room and she greets me with an AMAZING KISS, one of the best she’s given me, while we’re kissing she tells me that she is so excited and wet for tonight, as well as that I can PLAY WITH HER ASS while we smooch, and her bf isn’t going to be able to do this to her anymore. Oh, and yes, she begins to slip out some NICE BASSY FARTS during our kissing too. After we complete our kiss, she tells me to make myself comfortable and gestures to the black leather living room chair, so I obey and take a seat, but not before making myself comfortable by stripping out of my attire. (The second scene starts here) The sight of my already hard dick is certainly more than enough to get Penelope absolutely horny and naughty, as well as on all fours approaching my member, all the while ordering her bf to get behind her, so that he can lick her nice farting ass. Penelope then begins to SUCK MY COCK while letting those SPECIAL BASS FILLED FARTS, I love so much, loose in her boyfriend’s face. She humiliates him during the blowjob by stating things like: “You will never get a blowjob from me ever again!”, “That’s right, you bitch, eat my stinky farts!”, “Your shrimpy dick doesn’t even compare to his dick!” “You’re just a piece of junk that cleans my ass now!”, “I hate that you don’t like my farts!”, “Deal with it you pussy!”, “You will never again have this kind of fun with me!”, etc. On the other hand, she praises and encourages me by saying things to me like, “Oh, I just love your big dick”, “You like the smell of my farts?”, “I love that you enjoy my bassy farts”, “You like it when I fart for you while I suck your cock, don’t you baby?”, “You’re so nice, and he is such an ass!”, “Your dick is getting harder for me”, “As soon as you’re ready baby, I want you to fuck me!”, “Smell my nice stinky onions baby, so you can fuck me real good!”, etc. Not only this, but every so often she looks up at me to give me a playful wink, before going back to town on my dick while her dirty words, and special bassy farts keep on coming. Then, as soon as my cock is throbbing nicely, she tells me, “I want it baby! I am so fucking wet and horny now, so let’s fuck”. With that we head to the bedroom, while dragging bf along with us so he can watch us have our SPECIAL FART FILLED SEX. (The third scene starts here) As soon as we enter the bedroom, she gets down and bends over the side of her bed, in DOGGY POSITION, so she can receive my stiff shaft. As soon as I enter her pussy, she lets out a moan of ecstasy, and of course one of those special bassy farts and I BEGIN TO FUCK HER. We start out slow for the first half of this position, so that way Penelope can really show off what those nice and big meaty ass cheeks can do, since she occasionally GRINDS AND SLAPS her ass, and all the while Penelope fires away more of those SPECIAL BASSY FARTS and she even occasionally glances over to me to give me a sexually charged wink. Also, during our sensual sex, she humiliates bf by saying things like, “You see, you little bitch, He knows how to treat a woman”, “You see this pussy, it’s His now”, “I couldn’t even feel your itty-bitty cock during the pathetic times we had sex”, “Your dick didn’t even last a few seconds in my pussy”, “This amazing ass you see, it belongs to Him”, “You will never be allowed to play with my ass again”, “Oh, by the way, you’re never having sex with me again”, “ All you will ever be is a cucked piece of junk”, “He knows how to pound me, you never even got the chance”, etc. When she praised and encouraged me, during our passionate fuck, she said things like, “Oh my god, your dick feels so good!”, “I love farting on your cock while you fuck me”, “You love smelling these stinky farts while you fuck me?”, “You love my big stinky ass, don’t you?”, “This big ass is yours baby, so do whatever you want to it”, “You want me to slap my ass for you, honey?”, “Do you want me to grind my juicy ass on your cock?”, “fuck me, baby, while I fart for you”, “You’re fucking the farts right out of me, honey”, “I can twerk for you too baby, would you like that?”, “You feel so better than he ever did”, “Give me that dick, honey”, etc. Hearing the words coming out of her mouth, as well as smelling and hearing those special bassy farts, I love, and seeing her big beautiful ass shifting back and forth while her pussy takes it is simply irresistible, but soon we get to a consistent and more mid-paced speed and it is here when she can bounce, and periodically TWERK her meaty bass farting ass on my cock, all the while talking dirty to me, and humiliating her boyfriend throughout. She soon tells me that I can have her body whenever I wish, and fuck her whenever I have the desire or urge, and it is soon after this when she tells me that she wants to speed things up and ride me, so we both get on the bed to continue our hot fart sex experience. (The final scene starts here) Penelope mounts me FROM BEHIND, and RIDES ME HARD. She bounces and grinds her farting ass all over my cock, and tells me to smack it and pound it as she is as horny as a girl can be by now. Eventually, she puts the speed into overdrive as she is close to cumming, and now says things like, “You like it when I fart on your dick?”, “Keep going, baby”, “I want to cum all over your nice big dick”, “I’m so close, honey” “that’s so good, babe”, “I’m gonna cum all over you while I fart”, “Oh, I’m gonna cum!”, etc. After a few more wild farts and smacks to her ass, SHE EXPLODES all over my dick, and realizing that I haven’t nutted, she suggests that on this particular occasion, I should explode in her pussy and IMPREGNATE HER with more of those farts coming out of that big ass, so she TWERKS on my dick while BEGGING, nearly to the point of DEMANDING, ME TO CUM, and not long after, I shoot my creamy load DEEP INSIDE HER. After our amazing fart filled intercourse, she gets up and tells her boyfriend that she never wants to see him again, as she is going to live with me instead where she can be treated by a real man who has her best interests. She then ends the clip by telling me that she is so glad that we are going to be starting a family, she has me in her life, and that she is going to take a shower, but teases me by stating that perhaps we can have round two in there, followed by one final playful wink.

Have you ever seen a hot chick rip DEEP BASSY while performing the TIK TOK BIG BANK CHALLENGE!???  if you don't know what it is..  google it.  if you do you will be very horny after watching the sexy MUFASA do the FART FETISH VERSION of the famous tik tok  BIG BANK CHALLENGE! (also has POV SEX ending!)

This was done as a CUSTOM VIDEO for a long time fan!  Here was is message to Debbie---

Debbie, I would like you to try to fart as many times in a row as possible and I want you to pump your arm with every fart!  Make cute facial expressions and show me your beautiful ass at the same time.  It would be wonderful if you could rip 30 farts in a row!

Well as you can see by the title of the clips she surpassed 30 and ripped 46 FARTS IN A ROW!!  46 deep tuba blasts one right after the other!!


you and your roommate are watching the football game.. it is about to start.. it is your steelers versus the ravens... your team is the steelers mine is the ravens... you have beer and snacks and you are farting and belching your ass off!.... during this game you will make a bet with each other... here is the bet...if I win we will have sex... if you win you are going to eat me and dump me out in the morning...fart and burp a lot while pretending to watch the start of the game and set up your bet with me.  I want DEEP BELCHES and DEEP FARTS!  do some of your best deep belching!  later in the clip say "ravens are getting their ass kicked.. it's not looking so good for your team... looks like I am going to be eating you and dumping you out tommorrow" continue to fart, burp and make comments about how my team is losing... when you fart tell me.. "I am going to be farting you out tommorrow just like that" and also say "you better call a plumber because after I eat you and digest you I am going to dump you out and clog the toilet" "your gonna lose and I am going to eat you"... pretend I am scared.. say "don't get scared now.. a bet is a bet" keep farting and drinking beer and deep bassy burping.. talk about "beer makes my farts smell so bad" and say "after I eat you my farts are going to smell even worse" then when the game is ending say "wait wait" and then fart and pretend like that was the final buzzer of the game.. scream in happiness "whewww" act like you are coming toward me and going to eat me and that I am scared and say "don't be scared.. come here.. a bet is a bet" then come close to the camera with your mouth.. like you are eating me.. lol then sit on the couch.. rubbing your belly like I am in there.. say "MMMMmmm. you were so delicious.. how does it feel to be in my stomach.. " then rub your belly and fart and burp like you are farting and burping because of me...  this is PART ONE of this special custom fantasy!!

these farts were so DEEP AND RUMBLY you would think Debbie had on a pair of TIGHT WRANGLER JEANS... but no... just her big bare white butt.  her ass is SO MEATY that she is able to make jean fart sounds without jeans!  (cool POV blowjob ending)

Mufasa had broccoli for lunch and now
she wants to fart it out back into
 your face... wearing a lace body suit!

This custom fantasy was done for a long time loyal fan- (PART 2)

"Step-Dad is away so my step-mom Santana lets me sniff her farts whenever she has one.  she is always cute and playful about it saying things like...

"hey open your window or smell this"   BRUMMMMPH

"hey, you need to take out the trash, and take this too"   BRUMMMMPH

"hey this is what I think about that"   BRUMMMMPH

and after ripping a huge fart (some of them 15 seconds long) she will wave the smell over to my nose"


the fan wrote.....

"I know Debbie is known for long farts but I would like to see how long Santana Redd can rip a deep bassy fart also.  I would like her to make a compilation of only her longest farts"

again, Santana made this customer VERY happy!  just about all the farts in this clips were LONG!  all are long and very sexy sounding!  most of them were 8 SECONDS and VERY DEEP  and she did all of these long as fuck farts in TIGHT SEXY PANTS!  if you love LONG FARTS ADD SANTANA REDD!!


You let hot girls live with your for free.. but here is the trick.  they pay rent with their farts!  you let them live with you rent free but you get to sniff their farts anytime you want to!  although they don't like it sometimes.. and they call you "creepy" sometimes.. that is the deal and they have to stick to it!





Watch sexy Rad Gurl fill up the toilet
with HOT STEAMING GRAVY.. what did she eat?

In this clip poor Rad Gurl barely
made it to the toilet in time!
Spicy food from the nite before
really got her stomach going!
and she FILLED that toilet up
real quick!

Rad Gurl ate some pizza last night
that gave her the RUNS.  Watch her
fill up the toilet with HOT GRAVY!


Watch Rad Gurl tilt to one side and drop
a HUGE MOUNTAIN of a duece for you!
She had a big dinner last night *hint hint*

Watch Rad Gurl wake up first thing
in the morning and take what she
calls "a big ol FATTY" of a dump!!

In this AMERICA clip that I pulled from my secret vault you can hear her filling the toilet up taking her morning dumpity dump!  if toilet sounds are your thing this is a MUST HEAR!  and must see of course!

Watch Rad Gurl Lean to one side and drop
a MEGA LOAD after a big dinner the night before!

Watch RG lean to one side and drop a
MASSIVE LOAD then proudly shows you
what she has made for you!

Rad Gurl wants to get outta bed.. but Rad Gurl can't stop farting... she has this issue EVERY MORNING.. so usually she just lays there and FARTS HER SOUL OUT until she is finally outta gas and can start her day!

RAD GURL films mostly in the morning so she gets those HUMONGOUS morning farts!  these were LOOONG for her usual standard and in some she is just "letting them out" and in others she is asking you to "sniff it" and "tell her how it smells"  candid or fetishy whatever your style is she ROCKS this one out the park!!

OMG sounded like a fucking monster was SCREAMING FROM HER ASS!  and what would you fucking pay to bury your face in that GINORMOUS SUNDRESS BOOTY????


These farts are so DEEP and TROMBONE like that Bunny had her ENTIRE ROOM shaking!  You know..  like in the hood when someone drives down the street bumping the oldies!!!  same type of deal.. and her ass looks FUCKING PERFECT!!!

There is nothing I like more than watching a candid fart girl do a FETISHY style clip!  the very innocent RAD GURL is pretending to fart in your face.. LOUD MORNING FARTS then she asks you to "sniff it" and "did you like it??"  I just wish I was there to give a REAL answer!!!

Being home a lot means a lot of EATING... a lot of eating means a lot of FARTING and we all know that MORNING FARTS are the best farts of the day.. here is a compilation of Rad Gurls MORNING THUNDER!

We all know RG as the QUEEN OF CANDID fart girls but I told her to do a "fetishy" style clip for me.  She knows she has a LOT of fans so I told her to pretend to FART IN A FART LOVERS FACE!!!  I wanted to see how she would cater to a fart fanatic and she did is VERY VERY HOT! "sniff it, tell me what I had for dinner, let's see how good you are at this"  it is always hot seeing a GIRL NEXT DOOR type model do a FETISHY style clip especially when she has only ever done CANDID.. boy O boy.. this is fucking HOT!!

A super cute normal everyday girl not being embarrassed to fart on camera.  THAT is what we all love.. that is how it all started and RAD GURL is the perfect prototype of why we have this fetish!  This is just a simple compilation of CANDID FARTS.. every time she has to fart she records it.  no themes.. no custom scripts.. just a CANDID GIRL FART COMPILATION.  this my friends is what the fetish is all about!

THIS IS ONE OF THE HOTTEST FART VIDEOS I EVER SEEN!  It is EVERYTHING you like..  a regular girl..  not a cam model.. not a fetish model.. a super round tight ass and HUGE GODZILLA SCREAMING type farts coming out of it.  Farting for you.. because you like it.  just being normal filming he daily farts for her fans..  this is the BEST Rad Gurl video she has ever done!


see also Disturrbia see also JackDaRipper see also CworldEntt see also RottenOnionz see also Miamorrr see also GirlsGoneGross see also PrincessOffarts RottenOnionz BrattyGurlz and TheLegionofPlume

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Remember the girl from vine who said "Oh Damien, then *FART*" and also "you don't like me, you don't like me *FART*" she said things like "i love you, just kidding" then she farted really loud??  Well I asked BUNNY to make a cute, candid funny video like that and she NAILED IT!  She got the funny FACIAL EXPRESSIONS down and everything and she said some funny stuff and ripped some LONG FARTS!  she was just like the VINE GIRL she really nailed it!!  this clip is funny and hot.. because sometimes funny can be hot too!!


see also Disturrbia see also  JackDaRipper see also CworldEntt see also RottenOnionz see also Miamorrr see also GirlsGoneGross see also CotDayumm see also PrincessOffarts RottenOnionz BrattyGurlz and TheLegionofPlume

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Bunny PROMISES that after a big meal of SPICY MEXICAN FOOD her farts will ERASE your fucking face!  It's a good thing you are not in the teddy bears place right now cuz he is FEELING HER BASSY PAIN!

see also BrattyGurlz see also jackdaripper see also Princessoffarts see also MiAmorrr see also CWorldentt visit RottenOnionz CworldEntt CotDayumm thelegionofplume gassygirlsnextdoor and princessoffarts

We are celebrating 15 years in business
and we are now offering custom videos!
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 There is NO PLACE I would rather be than between NEW MODEL BUNNYS round meaty cheeks while she rips DEEP, BASSY TUBA farts on my nose over and over again.  you will LOVE the sound of her farts!  so deep.. like a fucking TROMBONE!

see also BrattyGurlz see also jackdaripper see also Princessoffarts see also MiAmorrr see also CWorldentt visit RottenOnionz CworldEntt CotDayumm thelegionofplume gassygirlsnextdoor and princessoffarts

We are celebrating 15 years in business
and we are now offering custom videos!
Email us if you are interested!  Follow
us on Twitter at CWorldent
Watch new-comer BUNNY rip deep POWERFUL farts in her skin tight jeans practically ripping them apart with RUMBLY GAS!  She is the hottest new model on the scene and she is ready to dominate!

see also theLegionOfPlume see also JackDaRipper see also CotDayumm see also MiAmorrr see also CWorldentt visit FartyGurl see also GirlsGoneGross go visit -CotDayumm visit RottenOnionz CworldEntt CotDayumm thelegionofplume gassygirlsnextdoor and princessoffarts