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Farty gurl is just your average every day chick.  
FartyGurl.com chronicles the daily "gassy"
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 Then "Freeky Jessica" Bri Bailey then there was an amazing
offering of videos from GODDESS VICTORIA!
Brapp Gurl and most recently RAD GURL!

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Your step-mom is a very FARTY GURL! in fact today her farts smell so bad she is worried she may be very sick! they smell very WEIRD and she wants you to sniff them and give her your opinion too!! but be careful!  they are LONG and AWFUL SMELLING!

Rocsi just had her morning coffee and she is ready to BLOW!  it is the first fart of the day and she has been holding this one ALL NIGHT LONG!  morning farts are the best!! hope your nose is ready!

PART 2! most of the LONG TROMBONE farts ripped in this compilation were in the FIFTEEN SECOND RANGE with some as long as TWENTY SECONDS!  more RECORD BREAKERS from the hottest model on earth! 



"sniff it.. put your nose in the fabric of the shorts.. isn't my butt so soft?" "sniff that fart. the smell will stay for a long time in my shorts... the smell will stay for one hour.. bury your nose in that fart.. my ass will make all your stinky dreams come true.. so get ready to smell my farts all night"

EVE TABOO WHERE ARE YOU???! you are in PEAR SHAPED ROCSI'S tight jeans!  these are the JEAN FARTS we all dream about!

She thinks its cute but Indica Soul is trying to figure why you have a fascination for farts so much?? in this clips she asks you.....

"go ahead... put your face in it... I know it's your fucking dream... it's ok... I don't mind... get your nose in between those fucking cheeks and inhale that fart" "how can you put your face in my butt after I fart? they stink so bad.. how can you take that smell all in your face?"

Santana Really wants to BURY YOU IN FART!  she tells you....

"oh yes.. fuck yes.. fuck fuck fuck" as she is pushing them out "sniff that?? my farts smell like rotten veggies today...i didn't know a fart could smell so bad... yuck" and with every push "oh.. my... gawd.... yes.. yes yes.... feels so fucking good gettting that out" then she says... "stop fucking around get your nose deep in my asshole dude.. I am serious. .this is not a game"

in this NEW CLIP FROM GODDESS JENN watch her lean to one side in tight tight jeans and push out THE DEEPEST LOW TONED BASS FART IN TIGHT JEAN FART FETISH HISTORY!

THESE FARTS ARE IN THE 15-20 RANGE! she is ripping MONSTER farts in her new latex pants right on your nose and then she wants you to eat her DAMP MUSTY ass after each fart so she takes her pants down for you and spreads her cheeks! THIS IS PART 2!!

(WHAT DO THE FARTS SOUND LIKE?) well these farts were mostly CRACKLEY.  Bubbley.. kinda like that BIG BERTHA sound we all love!  the pants are tight on her ass so the air can BARELY ESCAPE her butt cheeks which makes for really DEEP MUFFLED sounds!

In this video Fennixx put THICK FABRIC on her ass because she knows the smell will LINGER AND STAY IN THE FABRIC for a long time to enhance your sniffing pleasure.. she tells you....

"bury your nose in my big soft butt... the fabric on these pants will hold in the smell very well for you... my farts smell like rotten eggs today.. you will love them"

I did my very best to try to describe these fart sounds!!! 

watch sexy Fennixx put on a FUCKING FART CLINIC in her new blue latex pants!

Watch sexy Santana Redd rip ONCE IN A LIFETIME farts in her NEW PINK LATEX PANTS!  these farts sound so fucking sexy!  deep low-toned TUBA FARTS over and over again!!!

Fennixx as PUT ON SOME WEIGHT doing this pandemic.. and BOY O BOY is her ass looking HUGE!  her ass is now in SELENA LOCA territory!  I told her to PLEASE keep eating!!!! now.....

THIS IS SO FUCKING INSANE!!! Watch FENNIXX fart for 3 MINUTES STRAIGHT as she attempts to sing a song for you with her ass!  you will NOT BELEIVE the sounds coming outta that booty and how LONG these farts are!! IT IS BASICALLY LIKE WATCHING A 3 MINUTE FART!!!!

Once Again!  Watch Fennixx fart for nearly 2 MINUTES STRAIGHT as she attempts to sing a song for you with her ass!  you will NOT BELEIVE the sounds coming outta that booty and how LONG these farts are!!

THESE FARTS ARE SO SEXY SOUNDING! BUBBLY WATERY BLUBBERY! AND EXTRA WET!  and she brings that round booty in jeans right over to YOUR FACE after every blast so you can sniff her STINKY CABBAGE FART!

You are laying with your cute girlfriend just talking to her when a BRUMMMPH fart slips out!  she apologizes and tells you to go on with your story.  PAARRRRPPPP! there goes another one!  she tells you that she is "sorry" and that she has been "holding them in all day" as she proceeds to FART FART FART through out your entire conversation... BURRRRRRNT!

FUCK this video is hot!  with your nose nestled right between her MEATY CHEEKS Fennixx is calling your her PERFECT FART BOY and BEGGING you to INHALE her LONG BLUBBERY FARTS from her BARE ASS!!

Don't you wish it was you laying there while Fennixx ripped HALL OF FAME level farts on your mouth and nose?!?!  she GRINDS your nose between her thicc meaty butt cheeks and rips fart after fart after RUMBLY AND WET fart all over your pitiful face!  first in SEXY LEGGINGS and then naked!