About Farty Gurl

Farty gurl is just your average every day chick.  She just happens to be "farty".  Girls fart too ya know!
 Every one does.  So why does a girl have to hide it?!  FartyGurl.com chronicles the daily "gassy"
exploits of your average every day female.  This site started off with Ms Fartsy and then the site
featured one of the hottest chicks to ever share her "love puffs" with the entire world,
the amazing Fiona Applez! There was a brief stint by a 22 yo hottie named "Freeky Jessica"
 and then Donkey Booty Bri Bailey continued on as our 3rd generation Farty Gurl!
Then the amazing New Zealand model BFF (Barbie Fart Fetish) joined the C World Family and
the rest has been Farty Gurl History.   Now in 2017 Brapp Gurl will carry the torch as new FG!